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Future of lettings

Project Wigwamm

Surveying the three key parties of the lettings market: lettings agents, landlords and tenants to analyse the current lettings processes and uncover future trends. The aim is to identify what future innovation is possible by either agents themselves or third parties servicing the industry.

Status: in progress

If you are a lettings manager and would like to take part, please email sofi@wemakethingswork.co.uk

Future of tax

Status quo.

That is what today’s politicians go to great lengths to maintain. No matter how the economy suffers, causing increased levels of poverty,  little is done to stimulate a more civilised society.

Why is it that companies pay less tax than individuals? And why are there 4 different income taxes?

We propose a flat 3% tax across income and non-depreciating assets. Ultra low, ultra fair.

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Future of UK broadband

The future is mobile, yet the UK seems to be looking the other way when it comes to broadband provision for the general public.

Connectivity enables families to be closer, trade to be more global and our industries to better compete. Better communication also enables a better education system built around collaborative research.

We propose utilising the Universities of the UK to provide a WWAN (Wireless Wider Area Network) in the form of LTE or Wi-Max, free of charge.

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Future of airports

International travel is key to much trade and progress in society.

Yet airports destroy the time and convenience of everybody who encounter them.

Manufacturing has just in time. Airports should have automation and clever design to allow people to just turn up and walk onto a plane.

The key is using technology to automate security checks, allowing security officers to focus on the few anomalies, not inconvenience everybody.

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Future of schools

The current education system was set up in the Victorian era to create a workforce for that period. 

This system is dramatically failing. Children are not provided with adequate reasoning ability and the family unit is often destroyed by the demands of ‘parrot’ fashion learning.

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